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Arriva bus order for 2015
RE: Arriva bus order for 2015
Let's try to clear this one up.

The confusion here is over the Sapphire/MAX Enviro400s and whether they're Euro V or Euro VI. The answer from looking at photos is Euro V, including the Aylesbury ones. That doesn't change where they're due to be going, however - Kuyoyo is right, we've established the destinations of all 165. It could have been a typo or a misunderstanding on the part of the press release writer, but either way there are 165 Enviro400s on order and they are all Euro V.

As for last year, the Route One press release for the 2014 order refers to 94 Enviro400s but doesn't specifically refer to any specification. There were standard specification Enviro400s delivered to the North West (Speke and Southport) and Midlands (Wigston) last year. I make the breakdown of the Enviro400s in the 2014 order as follows:

19 x North West (Speke) for routes 86/86A
9 x North West (Southport) for routes 375/385
10 x Midlands (Wigston) for routes 47/48
20 x Wales (Rhyl) for route 12 [Sapphire specification]
9 x Midlands (Tamworth) for route 110 [Sapphire specification]
7 x Midlands (Derby) for route 38 [Sapphire specification]
5 x North East (Ashington) for route X18 [MAX specification]
7 x North East (Ashington) for routes X21/X22 [Sapphire specification]
2 x The Shires (Aylesbury) for route 280 [Sapphire specification]
6 x Southern Counties (Gillingham) for route 101 [Sapphire specification]

The above accounts for all 94 ordered in 2014.

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