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Dublin & Ireland
RE: Dublin & Ireland
Sorry I have not posted in a while. Mix of trips to a number of locations and work! Plenty happening though. Bus √Čireann have started a new batch of VDL double deckers - LF200 class, new bus station has opened in Limerick and plenty of new electric EWs about, though apparently they are putting a strain on the electric system! No pictures of these so far this month.
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LF449 Amiens St 2 February 2024
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RE: Dublin & Ireland
Some pictures from the weekend:
[Image: DSC_0003%20%281280x853%29-L.jpg]
WS1 Dundrum Luas 9 February 2024 - one of two that operate the 44B service.

[Image: DSC_0013%20%281280x840%29-L.jpg]
SG326 Crofton Road, Dun Laoghaire 9 February 2024 - L25 started in November and operates between Dun Laoghaire and Dundrum every 15 minutes, seems to be doing well.

[Image: DSC_0017%20%281280x828%29-L.jpg]
151KY2119 Dublin Airport 10 February 2024 - Part of the Kerry Coaches operation, this route started in 2023.

[Image: DSC_0041%20%281280x831%29-L.jpg]
12130 North St, Swords 10 February 2024 - GAI operated service between Swords and Portrane in north County Dublin.

[Image: DSC_0043%20%281280x1007%29-L.jpg]
12119 North St, Swords 10 February 2024 - GAI operate this between North Dublin and Swords. The 33A is full of complications. Technically it provides a combined 30 minute frequency between Skerries and Swords with Dublin Bus Route 33. The 33 operates between the City Centre and Skerries with most services extended further north to Balbriggan. To make it more complicated, 33As from Skerries run to the operate, but those that run from Balbriggan only go to Swords. Why? The NTA consider that running to Balbriggan from the Airport would extract business from the 101. The 101 is operated by Bus √Čireann between the City, Airport to Balbriggan and on to Drogheda every 20 minutes with a very different level of comfort. The 101 operates through the night on an hourly frequency. And is very busy at nearly all times, so extraction of business for the joy of travelling on a streetlite for a journey of 45 minutes plus may be a good thing.

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LF812 Dublin Airport 10 February 2024 - The standard offering on the 101...
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