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Greater Manchester Network ideas
Greater Manchester Network ideas
I have recently found the new GMCA better buses consultation very confusing and very hard to get across ideas on future bus routes and it some times hard to find bus routes that will serve the needs of the public than for-profit where the current model is for profit not for connective.

So I have been recently looking through the SELNEC Route list and I thought it would be a good idea to revisit each of the routes as they ran with SELNEC to see if there could be a possibility that we go back to the SELNEC routes with modern-day alterations like the routes of the outlying area being renumbered to a new system.

I have started looking the Central Division routes and I would simply renumber any existing city centre route back to there original numbers as I have done with the list below

2 Manchester - Oldham Road - Royton - Newhey - Peppermint Bridge Turning Circle
This route could provide valuable connections with Metrolink Rochdale Lane for communities not already connected to the network.
2A Firswood - Piccadilly - Chadderton - Oldham Bus Station
This route could provide an alternative connection for Broadway with a new cross-city connection to Firswood to connect with Metrolink and Providing a service to Oldham from Broadway.
3 Manchester - Stretford - Flixton
4 Manchester - Heywood - Norden
This route could restore a valuable direct bus service back to Norden
5 Manchester - Stretford - Flixton
7 Cheetham Hill - Moston - Failsworth - Hollinwood Station
This route could either extend by the present-day 52 route and provide a better onward connection at a new and improved Hollinwood Interchange with the Metrolink
9 West Didsbury - Heaton Moor - Reddish
10 Manchester - Oldham - Lees - Greenfield
This service could be restored to a limited-stop service to reconnect Saddleworth back to Manchester
11 Piccadilly - Davyhulme - Trafford Centre
12 Piccadilly - Stretford - Flixton
13 Central Park - Oldham - Scouthead - Uppermill
This service could be reinstated as a Limited stop service to reconnect Scouthead to Manchester via the Metrolink Hub at Central Park
14 Manchester Peaks - Central Park - Oldham - Lees - Uppermill
This service could be reinstated as a limited-stop service to connect Saddleworth with Central Park for onward connection to Manchester
15 Piccadilly - Eccles - Worsley
16 Chorlton - Stockport - Stepping Hill
17 Manchester - Middleton - Rochdale
18 Manchester - Stockport - Torkington
This could be a limited-stop service like it used to be
19 Manchester - Gorton - Reddish
20 Manchester - Stockport - Poynton - Woodford
This could be a limited stop alternative to Woodford
21 Stockport - Levenshulme - Chorlton - Stretford - Eccles Interchange
23 Piccadilly - Davyhulme - Flixton
24 Manchester - Royton - Rochdale
Limited Service direct via Oldham Road and Broadway
25 Dukinfield Yew Tree Estate - Audenshaw Metrolink - Manchester LS Peaks
26 Manchester - Cheetham Hill - Blackley - Moston
31 Manchester - Didsbury - Cheadle - Bramhall
33 Manchester - Reddish - Greave - Limited Stop
34 Manchester - Reddish - Romiley - Limited Stop
35 Manchester - Whitefield - Bury - Metrolink Connect
36 Chorlton - Stockport - Offerton Estate
Could provide Metrolink connection for Offerton at Chorlton Station
40 Piccadilly - West Didsbury - Sale Moor
41 Manchester - West Didsbury - Brooklands - Altrincham
42 Manchester - East Didsbury - Stockport
44 Manchester - Northenden - Airport
45 Manchester - Didsbury - Cheadle - Gatley - Airport
46 Manchester - Northenden - Styal - Wilmslow
48 Manchester - Withington - Southern Cemetery
49 Manchester - West Didsbury - Southern Cemetery
50 Salford Quays - Manchester - Anson Road - East Didsbury

Theses are the route numbers as operated with SELNEC and some of the destinations have been changed to reflect some of my ideas on a modern day running of theses services notice how I'm wanting routes to work with Metrolink and other modes of Transport by curtailing or extending some services to Interchange points.

I will hand over to you now so you can your say on my ideas and share you ideas on how buses should be routed if you was tasked with creating a new network of routes to tackle congestion and attract people back on the buses
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RE: Greater Manchester Network ideas
Recently I have been thinking of excellent ideas that could improve the Greater Manchester bus network and what I would do if I was in charge of redoing the bus network to improve it for the greater good, not for profit making exercise.

I have just thought of how I could simiplyfrie the network and make it more accessible at the same time.

I would introduce 5 new brands category for the routes to use and I would introduce the old GM Buses route numbering system.

The Brands are
Local Runners - Colour Teal | These routes would serve estates and local areas of the main road to make sure the residents get to there final destination quickly and without stress.
TFGM Express - Black | This is the revival of GM Buses Express brand which was used for the long-distance services and routes to satiltie locations around Manchester.
Rail Connect - Yellow | Theses routes would serve Metrolink Stations, P&R and Railway Stations
Hospital to Hospital - Green | Theses routes would connect multiple hospitals together to create a better connection for staff and patients.

The colours would be used on Maps to identify the routes main purpose

The brands mentioned above are only rough ideas as I don't know 100% where is the best place to share my ideas on the future on Greater Manchester Bus Network as I have got loads of creative ideas to improve everything transport-related in Manchester.

So any advice would be gratefully appreciated and if my ideas are something you would see more on
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