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Dublin & Ireland
RE: Dublin & Ireland
I plan my next visit to Dublin for June 2024, which could therefore be ideal timing!
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RE: Dublin & Ireland
First - Aircoach have invested in some new coaches and buses recently. They remain very short of drivers, their core 700 route (Dublin Airport to City Centre/ Leopardstown) sees numerous cancellations at present. Their purchase of Airporter in Northern Ireland, seems to have resulted in a severe driver shortage there, hence why the 700 sees missed trips, Dublin based drivers are used on the Belfast/ Derry service. Strong rumours that National Express run Dublin Express will soon be running to Belfast using Levante 3s, operated by Quinns Coaches. Plenty going on in the non-state run services!
New vehicles are interesting:
[Image: DSC_0047%20%281280x853%29-L.jpg]
231D15557 Dublin Airport 11 June 2023 - Fleet is split between NI and Dublin.

[Image: DSC_0001%20%281280x810%29-L.jpg]
231D15562 Burgh Quay 5 June 2023

[Image: DSC_0014%20%281280x896%29-L.jpg]
231D15562 Aston Quay 5 June 2023 - Coaches carry Local and Fleetwide numbers. I assume that the NI registered Tourismos have a F fleetnumber.

New buses:
[Image: DSC_0001%20%281280x814%29-L.jpg]
231D25778 Dublin Airport 11 June 2023 - First 69608

[Image: DSC_0023%20%281280x853%29-L.jpg]
231D25776 at Dublin Airport 11 June 2023 - Not branded and no fleetnumber
These are replacing the Merc Citaro bendibuses which are falling apart. The eVoRas are temporary, until new electrics come to replace them. No idea what is coming or when, it won't be 2023 and possibly not 2024, however the eVoRas are meant to go to the UK when their time here is done.
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RE: Dublin & Ireland
The latest phase of Bus Connects - 5A, commenced on Sunday, 25th of June. This saw the creation of the W6 between Maynooth and Tallaght, however due to a narrow bridge, this route has been split in two, route W61 and W62. Route W4 also commenced between Tallaght and Blanchardtown SC. These routes form the western orbitals and are operated by Go Ahead. Addtional SG class buses have transferred from Dublin Bus to GAI, numbered in the 116xx series. Sadly these are not as well kept as with Dublin Bus, the depot in Ballymount is getting more and more crowded. I took a spin on the W4 this evening, it does serve some areas with poor links at present and should do well in time, especially when the colleges return in September.

[Image: DSC_0011%20%281280x816%29-L.jpg]
11513, 11602 & 11619 The Square Tallaght 27 June 2023 - All ex Dublin Bus. The bus stands in The Square shopping centre have not been so busy in over 15 years. It was a bit chaotic this evening.

[Image: DSC_0009%20%281280x953%29-L.jpg]
11602 The Square Tallaght 27 June 2023 - New route W4.

[Image: DSC_0013%20%281280x1207%29-L.jpg]
Stop 4747 Blanchardstown SC 27 June 2023 - This stop is getting very crowded! DB operate the 37, 39/A and N4, JJ Kavanagh operate the 139, the BI01 is operated by Express Bus and the rest are Go-Ahead. The N4 is a northern orbital, the W4 is a western orbital and the DB and GAI routes will be revised over time.
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RE: Dublin & Ireland
There are numerous concerts and shows on in Dublin at present and which results in a number of concert specials in operation. Marathon Travel seem to organise most of these and buses/ coaches come from far and wide, many of which are school buses that never get as far as Dublin City Centre. Some of the more rarer ones here:
[Image: DSC_0033%20%281280x853%29-L.jpg]
04KE16538 Custom House 28 June 2023 - Ex Translink

[Image: DSC_0035%20%281280x799%29-L.jpg]
221WH314 Custom House 28 June 2023 - Probably the most modern vehicle out.

[Image: DSC_0002%20%281280x863%29-L.jpg]
07KE5293 North Wall Quay 28 June 2023 - Ex Mortons/ Bartons, originally ran on routes CL1/2 between Dublin and Celbridge, which didn't last too long sadly. That's for another day.

[Image: DSC_0053%20%281280x872%29-L.jpg]
05LS6289 Custom House 28 June 2023 - Not too sure what this is ex.
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RE: Dublin & Ireland
Another trip to West Dublin today, but the day finished with a number of interesting visitors to the city due to a sporting event.

[Image: DSC_0014%20%281280x971%29-L.jpg]
11620 at The Square, Tallaght 1 July 2023 - I mentioned before that GAI buses only adverstise TFI products and services, in this case for the Leap Card top up.

[Image: DSC_0019%20%281280x963%29-L.jpg]
11621 The Square, Tallaght 1 July 2023 - New route W62 the southern section of the future W6 which can't operate to the end due to a narrow/ steep bridge. The W61 covers the northern section.

[Image: DSC_0013%20%281280x912%29-L.jpg]
11579 The Square, Tallaght 1 July 2023 - Busy route 75, due to vanish and become a Southern Orbital Route in the future. The blue livery is becoming rare.

[Image: DSC_0024%20%281280x853%29-L.jpg]
1124 Busáras 1 July 2023 - New Xpress branding, coach wars on the Belfast run are due to kick over during the month with Nat Ex Dublin Express services starting.

[Image: DSC_0041%20%281280x853%29-L.jpg]
06D30559 George's Quay 1 July 2023 - More concert shuttles today and this ex DB bus has gained a number of lights on the front.

[Image: DSC_0071%20%281280x753%29-L.jpg]
YN14 PMY Nassau St 1 July 2023 - Welsh visitor.

[Image: DSC_0095%20%281280x853%29-L.jpg]
444 Alfie Byrne Road 1 July 2023 - Match related private hire, the game ran over time by at least an hour. The journey home would be 65 to 70 miles, a long trip in this.

[Image: DSC_0094%20%281280x761%29-L.jpg]
1795 Alfie Byrne Road 1 July 2023 - Much better. My first picture of one of these which are split between Craigavon and Coleraine. Based on the BÉ VB Class or GAI 324xx Class. Nice to see one in Dublin, if only it got to the Quays/ Amien St, a unique photo opportunity could have present itself, oh well.
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RE: Dublin & Ireland
The new electric fleet of EW - Electroliners and EA - Enviro200 electrics has been delayed due to the lack of charging points in the depots, who would have thought that you need chargers... Although not confirmed, it is more than likely that all of the 100 plus double deckers are delivered and in store somewhere. Latest rumours is for a late July introduction into service, a vast cull of ALX400s and Enviro400s can commence.

[Image: DSC_0019%20%281280x974%29-L.jpg]
EW41 Station Road, Adamstown 12 July 2023 - The electroliners are out on test runs most days.

[Image: DSC_0030%20%281280x853%29-L.jpg]
12109 The Square, Tallaght 12 July 2023 - Relatively rare working of a single decker on the very busy route 76.

[Image: DSC_0011%20%281280x837%29-L.jpg]
SG91 Beresford Place 15 July 2023 - The weather has been fairly grim this week.
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RE: Dublin & Ireland
Trying to catch up sorting pictures from recent trips to Manchester, Burnley, Blackburn, Bolton and Cork.. just two for today.
New route 785 by National Express is up and running. Operating as Dublin Express but by Quinns of Dungannon, and as far as I know the first Levante 3s not in white (?). Hopefully I will take a spin soon.

[Image: DSC_0039%20%281280x815%29-L.jpg]
BV23 XVR Custom House 29 July 2023

[Image: DSC_0042%20%28790x1280%29-XL.jpg]
BV23 XVR at Custom House 29 July 2023 - Heavily branded, but looks well.
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RE: Dublin & Ireland
Was in Dundalk today, the place where Bus Éireann buses seem to go at the end of their days. Green and Yellow TFI buses are not often seen here, though I did see a brand new bus today.

[Image: DSC_0015%20%281280x720%29-L.jpg]
SC314, SC301, LC331, VWD2 & LC330 Dundalk Bus Station 6 August 2023
The bus station replaced an even poorer set up next door. Buses don't spend too long on their stands. The LCs are the newest buses here.

[Image: DSC_0012%20%281280x853%29-L.jpg]
VWD2 Dundalk Bus Station 6 August 2023 - Needs an expensive cloth wipe...

[Image: DSC_0007%20%281280x807%29-L.jpg]
231MN922 Dundalk Bus Station 6 August 2023 - Revised Local Link Route 171 appears to now visit the bus station. Unusual bus for such a journey.
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RE: Dublin & Ireland
No sign of any electric buses in Dublin so far, but the 9 Hybrid demonstrators have been painted back into their original livery, not the TFI livery.
[Image: DSC_0027%20%281280x853%29-L.jpg]
VH1 Nassau St 19 August 2023

[Image: DSC_0025%20%281280x830%29-L.jpg]
VB512 Merrion Street 19 August 2023 - These are rare on the 133, they usually appear on the 101, however due to the vast increase in demand, the 101 is mostly LF VDL DD coaches. The VBs do operate on new route 131 between Bray and Wicklow, still to do that route. More LFs have been delivered, but rumour has it that Go Ahead will be getting some to replace their similar coaches, which are undergoing a repaint at present! These started with Bus Éireann, then GAI Blue, GAI TFI Livery and probably going back to Bus Éireann. Interesting times.
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RE: Dublin & Ireland
Eventually uploaded these. All pictures taken in and around Cork City. The city fleet includes a lot of fairly modern buses, but no TFI livery buses to date:

[Image: DSC_0002%20%281280x853%29-L.jpg]
VWD91 Curragh Road 28 July 2023

[Image: DSC_0010%20%281280x793%29-L.jpg]
MC316 Cork Bus Station 28 July 2023

[Image: DSC_0018%20%281280x925%29-L.jpg]
LF302 Clontarf St 28 July 2023

[Image: DSC_0024%20%281280x793%29-L.jpg]
LC206 Brian Boru Bridge 28 July 2023

[Image: DSC_0086%20%281280x853%29-L.jpg]
VWD61 Munster Technological University 28 July 2023

[Image: DSC_0125%20%281280x816%29-L.jpg]
VWL312 Merchants Quay 28 July 2023

[Image: DSC_0180%20%281280x799%29-L.jpg]
VWD5 Infirmary Road 28 July 2023 - recently repainted into the original livery.

More here:
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