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old LCT buses / Services 1973 - Busway_Bob - 22/08/2022 00:45

I just see this on YouTube
BBC show, LCT buses & services from the 1973 (Liverpool), a good watch tbh Heart

Link -

1973 - Bernard Falk returns to his native Merseyside, where local residents from the Scotland Road area of Liverpool have set up a community transport scheme. Originally conceived 2 years ago, the group saved two old Liverpool buses and repaired them, enabling local children to go on free day trips to the beach and get a break from their urban surroundings. Since then the scheme and the fleet of vehicles has expanded to include several coaches, buses and vans - all obtained either free of charge or for their scrap value - and repaired and maintained by volunteer mechanics from the community. Now LCT vehicles are used to help people move house, and to take older residents and young families on retreats and holidays to the countryside. There is even talk that the LCT might invest in some old passenger boats